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For Show Organizers, Producers, and Event Planners

Power Up Your Event for Success with Quemsys

No more stressing over your next event. Make registration and housing effortless while delivering an event your attendees will rave about.


The secret to a successful event lies in planning. It’s what makes the difference between an okay and an outstanding event. Define resources and tasks ahead of time, and set up clear processes for your team and attendees.


Keep an eye on the big picture and deal with changes promptly. Follow up with your staff on their tasks and deadlines and make sure everything is going according to plan.                               


Focus on delivering a memorable experience to your attendees with the reassurance that no issues will compromise your event.            

Are You Facing These Challenges?

You can’t keep track of registrations

You are flooded with tasks, and can’t find the time to take care of registrations. Not answering requests promptly results in unexcited attendees, cancelled registrations, and a less-than-stellar image for your upcoming event.

Unexpected last-minute issues

Small oversights stay unaddressed until they go out of control. Stress builds up, you feel overwhelmed and confused, and event performance is affected.

You’re struggling with event housing

Registrants expect nothing less than the best hotels, prices and location. With limited time and resources how will you be able to accomplish this and provide the best event experience from start to finish?

Leverage the Power of Quemsys

No more feeling lost and overwhelmed by the numerous challenges of event management. It’s your turn to embrace the efficiency of Quemsys (the Quantum Event Management System)



       Quemsys is the all-in-one solution that makes event planning and organization efficient and stress-free.

Housing and Registration

Organizational Management
Contact Management
Event Management
Event Marketing
Our story:

Two decades
of stellar service and success. 

For nearly 20 years our team at Delmay has helped countless organizations and individuals at every stage of their event (planning, management and execution). We know first-hand that organizing an event no matter the size is filled with unexpected hurdles and can be stressful without the right technology and process. Our ability to consistently deliver successful events for our clients has always been deeply rooted in our technology/system, that is continuously improved in order to go beyond our clients changing needs and expectations. 

Based upon our experience and proven success we have decided to make the jump from a company that delivers event registration, and housing services to a technology and software company providing event organizers the tools to simplify their efforts, provide relevant, real-time information, and generate additional event revenue. The Quantum system has been modified for licensing and renamed as Quemsys (short for Quantum Event Management System).  Our evolution to this business model has been seamless and our clients are happy to have the ability to transition to Quemsys licensed users. Renamed as Quemsys (short for Quantum Event Management System),

Are you ready to take this opportunity and Power Up your efforts and your events’ success?

Step Up Your Event Planning Game with Quemsys

Strengthening your efforts and powering up your ability to plan, manage, market, execute and monetize every show to its fullest potential. 

Save time and money

Forget about tedious and time-consuming tasks or hiring temporary event managers. Quemsys lets you focus on better serving your clients while keeping costs under control.

Streamline and automate your processes

Reduce manual tasks and minimize human error. Your workflow is now smoother, your communication with your team is much better, and  streamlined event planning means you are enabled to become more efficient and effective.

More attendees for a more successful event

Registrants will appreciate using an intuitive and professional platform that seamlessly combines registration and housing. The easier it is to register and make hotel reservations, the happier your attendees are and the more profitable your events will be. 

Gather business intelligence

Quemsys uses cloud-based technology to provide you with real-time, relevant data you need to track event performance, as well as the ability to make immediate and necessary changes ensuring the greatest success for every show. 

Why Our Clients Love
Working with Us

We believe that success in business depends on strong relationships built on two-way transparency and trust. We work relentlessly to meet and exceed out clients’ expectations

Don’t take our word for it
This is What Our Clients Are Saying

“A trusted resource and partner who has provided extraordinary service throughout the years. Their enthusiasm and dedication to providing high levels of service with timely and efficient solutions is why we continue to use them. I highly recommend this company as they have been a major factor in the success of our events.”

Barbara Murray
Sales Operations Administrator, 

Navico Americas

“In my nearly 20 years of hotel sales experience, I have worked with many housing companies, event producers and online reservations providers, but they all pale in comparison. First, the ease of use of their platform ranks as a top feature for both myself and our hotel’s staff. Second, site users, hotel sales leaders and registrants will find that the simplicity and user friendliness of the platform truly makes for a great end user experience. I have so much confidence in their team, their product and their ability to get the job done right that I have personally referred their service(s) and platform to industry colleagues including large scale event planners, DMO’s and CVB’s.”

James Hansen

Vice President Sales, Kolter Hospitality

I have worked with Delmay for 3-years handling my group hotel arrangements and contracts for boat shows. Most recently added their expertise with hotel coordination and support for customer events. Their dedication to customer service and support is what you expect for a service partner – honest, professional, timely and sincere.

Matthew Vetzner

VP of Marketing – Marquis-Larson Group

Our Team

Each unique individual brings his/her own strengths, experiences and insights to the table.  We challenge one another to new heights and together we are one of the most dedicated, innovative and successful teams.  Our primary goals are to improve the event management process for show organizers, producers and event managers and allow them to create exceptional event expereiences. Daily we focus on disrupting how business is currently being done and are focussed on delivering new tools and technologies for our client, their events, and for our industry’s growth and success.

Todd Delmay

President and CEO

Todd is the President & CEO of Delmay Corporation, guiding the strategy for each of our brands, and personally overseeing the building and maintenance of Quemsys™. He is also a best-selling Author on Entrepreneurship.

Jeff Delmay

Chief Operations Officer

Jeff has over 20 years in the hospitality industry also served over 12 years as an hotelier at three top South Florida hotels, and is passionate about people. Jeff helps clients operate meetings and events that achieve their business goals while guaranteeing them the best service, consultation, and value.

Elias Diek

Director of Technology

With over 20 years of experience, Elias comes from a pedigree of process improvement and automation in the healthcare industries from designing and processes and business intelligence for Hospitals and Insurance companies. Over the years Elias has been providing solutions to small and enterprise sized business alike. Elias joined Delmay Corporation in 2018 with a goal to build data driven tools that the industry has yet to discover.

Elyse Kaplan

VP Business Development

An industry veteran Elyse has the keen ability to spot relevant patterns as well as future needs and opportunities. Energetic and inspring, Elyse has been a very active voice and participant in our evolution.  With an eye towards the future and what can be, Elyse continues to bring disruption and improvement for our industry and our partners.

Lorna Ayala

Director of Accounts

Lorna Ayala has been working with Delmay and Partners since 2013. She started as a coordinator and is now the Director of Accounts for the company. Prior to working with Delmay and Partners, she worked in restaurants and hotels. She is local to South Florida and an avid FSU fan. When she’s not working, she spends her time with her husband, 3 children and dog. She enjoys finding new food hot spots, cook, attend concerts/music festivals and travel to new destinations to experience their food and culture.

Lakeshia Barr

Accounts Coordinator

Lakeshia Barr joined Delmay Corporation in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant and has since progressed to being an Accounts Coordinator. She has 15 years of customer service experience and a background in Health Administration. Prior to working with Delmay, she worked closely with physicians as a Doctor Relations Manager. Lakeshia takes passion in everything she does and ensures that every client has a remarkable experience.

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